jueves, 31 de mayo de 2018

Secret confession

Lucía felt terrified. Since she listened to the news in Julia Otero’s radio program, she was unable to sleep tight. She did not dare to tell anybody and even less to her husband. Now her worries were even bigger, since she just had received an official police notification to go to testify in the court.
The truth would see the light and her marriage would be destroyed. And all because of a madness... A passion that she could not control and to which she fell without listening to her own voice that alarmed her conscience and reproached every night. It seemed to her that everything was finished.
She met Miguel in a painting course. One day he appeared and sat down in the table beside her. He introduced himself, behaved gallantly and educated. He showed her his smile that enhanced his racial beauty.  He used his conquistador weapons, a good conversation, his soft voice tone that transported her far away from her stress and the routine that her life kept running.
The painting classes went on and the teacher taught different techniques: charcoal, marker pens, and pastel and oil colours. The teacher proposed the students to work in pairs. Each one should draw and paint a portrait of his colleague. That closed the relationship between Lucía and him. The detailed contemplation of each other’s body generated sensuality doses that Miguel distillated with majesty.
Lucía arrived home late every night and she could not stop remembering him. When she made love with her husband, she realized, feeling guilty, that she was, indeed, looking at Miguel’s face. Her marriage wasn´t, nevertheless, that bad. She married five years ago but the routine installed in their lives, especially during the rare nights in which they had boring sex.
That was one of the reasons, perhaps the fact that she was new in the forties too or may be because her hormones revolutionized her sexual desire, she surrendered to his charm.
With Miguel, she returned to pinch the edge of the multiple orgasm and the hyperbolic sensations of pleasure experienced unreached limits till then.
One Saturday afternoon, Miguel arrived very nervous to the hotel in which they loved each other. She asked him what was all about but he immediately changed the topic and demanded her to not worry, since it was related to his job.
They touched the same lust level as every time and therefore she didn’t take any care.
He repeated that behavior a couple of times later, but it was dispatched with the same arguments and comments.

But the previous week to the police notification, she was listening to the program Julia en la Onda, of Onda Cero radio, when the reporter Luis Rendueles narrated in the section called “Black territory” the detention of an abuser that same morning accused of having killed his girlfriend by forty five knife-wounds.
Lucia was just shocked. She thought of the poor girlfriend, how she would have suffered and if she would have sons. Instantly she hated and put down that animal who had terminated with the woman’s life and prayed for the justice to be fair.
She kept listening to the new, in which Rendueles, the reporter, gave many more details about the killer: the street where he lived, what was his dedication, and many other tips about him. There was specially one who paralyzed Lucía: The killer assisted regularly to paining classes.
She googled the new and after several digital newspapers, she had to accept the evidence. The killer was his lover, Miguel and, apparently he gave death to that lady the same day that he was with her in their love hotel.
She could hardly believe it.  He was charm, creative, sensitive and peaceful. And overall, he took her to ecstasy every weekend. How could that person be possibly the same one she loved?
Since she knew those facts, she could not even sleep. And so was sure, by reading the police notification, that she would have to testify because he had possibly given her name and the fact that he was with her as the alibi to his accusation.
Such a bad fortune! To be in the wrong place at the inappropriate moment, without knowing it by anybody else except themselves. She would not escape the declaration in the court and, because of that, she should tell the whole truth, what would place her in a difficult situation in front of his husband.

Lucía prepared herself to cry and decided that soon as her husband would returned home, she would tell him a very long story.

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